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RFID Data Logger With Sensor Sacks Safety Concerns

Debuting as a first of its kind, the IDS-SL900A RFID sensor and data logging chip is based on the EPC Gen2 standard for supply chain applications. The single-chip solution enables a vast array of medical, food, healthcare, and environmental-supervision applications that ensure quality, freshness, and/or safety. It can automatically track, monitor, time-stamp and record temperature, pressure, humidity, light, sound, and other information about any goods in supply chain or cold chain transport. Allegedly, unlike any other RFID solution, it’s also configurable to notify users automatically of an event. A 60-byte, user-defined look-up table is stored via integrated EEPROM and works with either the on-chip temperature sensor or two external sensors to determine the user-defined event. Working in semi-passive (battery-assisted) or fully passive modes, the chip is also suitable for applications that use thin and flexible batteries for autonomous logging from the integrated temperature sensor or external sensors with a time-stamp from the on-chip real-time clock. It supports delayed starts of nine minutes to 24 days for logging procedures. In terms of support, the SL900A development kit is a complete system consisting of an UHF reader and smart active label. It includes a demo application and GUI software with source codes, a comprehensive library of frequently asked questions, and application notes and hints. Pricing for the IDS-SL900A RFID sensor and data logging chip is less than $3 per chip. IDS Microchip, Toronto, Canada. (416) 227-9196.


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