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RS-232 Driver/Receiver ICs Can Absorb A ±15-kV ESD Hit

Developed for demanding applications, the ADM101E, ADM3311E and ADM2209E RS-232 driver/receivers are space-saving devices that draw little current and are protected against ESD up to ±15 kV. They're intended for use in battery-powered portable systems, such as HPCs, PDAs and handsets, as well as PCs and peripherals.The ADM101E is called the world's smallest single-driver/single-receiver RS-232 chip and operates from a single 5V supply. The ADM3311E is a three-driver/three-receiver unit that features 2.7V operation and a low-power mode that cuts current draw to as little as 1 µA. The ADM2209E packs two complete serial ports in a 38-pin TSSOP. It's suited for use in ACPI-based PCs and handles 460-kbps data rates.


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