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SAW Filters Ogle Wideband CDMA Mart

Based on lithium tantalate, a family of stable, high-performance surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters come in ultra-small packages for wideband CDMA applications. Devices in the F6 series are designed for 1.95 GHz and 2.14 GHz wideband applications. The filter family uses a ladder design, which combines serial and parallel on-chip resonators to provide an insertion loss of less than 3.5 dB, along with high stop-band attenuation. The devices provide low inductance and high resistance to shock, mechanical vibration and climate changes. Impedance is 50½, thereby eliminating external matching circuits. The four devices are available in various package sizes that measure less than 1 mm in height. They have one input and one output pin, and the balanced RF filter has just one input pin and two balanced output pins, allowing the filter to be connected directly to a mixer input. Pricing starts at $1.80 each/10,000. For further information, call FUJITSU MICROELECTRONICS INC., San Jose, CA. (800) 866-8608.


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