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SCSI Terminators Handle All Modes

In lead-free packages, the single-ended and LVD SCSI 9-, 14-, and 15-line bus terminators support all operating modes from SCSI 1 to SPI 4 (Ultra 320) and meet SCSI-1, SCSI-2, SPI-2 (ULTRA-2), SPI-3 (ULTRA-160), and SPI-4 (ULTRA-320) standards. The devices are built on a high-voltage 0.8-µm BiCMOS process and serve as replacements for the industry-standard UCC56xx series terminators. The offering consists of six terminators: the SiP5630 and SiP5670 9-line multi-mode terminators; SiP5628 and SiP5668 14-line terminators; and the SiP5638 and SiP5678 15-line terminators. Each device's output channels provide termination for one SCSI data signal, parity signal, or control signal. The termination provides impedance matching of the SCSI bus to minimize signal reflections from the end of the bus, as well as the required SCSI bus biasing for either single-ended or LVD operation. Prices range from $1.95 to $2.65 each/1,000. VISHAY SILICONIX, Santa Clara, CA. (619) 336-0860


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