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SDSL Chipset Exceeds New U.S. And Emerging International Specs

The EBS720 and EBS710 symmetric digital subscriber line (SDSL) chipset supports two new SDSL standards, HDSL2 and G.shdsl (ITU G.991.2), and are claimed to exceed the range and data rate specifications of both new United States and emerging international standards. The two new standards provide for high-speed, symmetric connectivity over a single twisted copper wire pair.
Via a proprietary design, the chipset extends the reach of the 1.5 Mb/s HDSL2 standard from12,000' to 18,000', increasing coverage by over 90%. The EBS710 digitally-tuned analog front end provides a/d and d/a conversion, amplification, filtering, and clock synthesis functions. The EBS720 contains all of the digital functions including framing, forward error correction, digital filtering, echo cancellation, inbound error correction, and performance monitoring. The chipset is supported with the EN72010-1 evaluation system and a host application programmers interface (API). Pricing for the chipset is $35 each/10,000.


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