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Search Processor Boasts 66 Msearches/s Sustained Throughput

Said to be the world's fastest 2 Mb user-configurable, variable-width search processor for high-performance Internet devices, the LTI7020 boasts sustained throughput of 66 Msearches/s. Built on 0.18 µm copper process technology, this silicon-based search engine integrates the company's SuperCAM (Content Addressable Memory) technology.
A full ternary device-- implying a mask bit for every data bit-- the LTI7020 handles 34, 68, 136, or 272-bit wide operations. Up to 31 SuperCAM devices can be cascaded to create search tables with depths of one-million 68-bit addresses. Also, tables of different characteristics can be configured within the same device. This gives it versatility for doing complex multi-layer networking operations in switching, routing and security. The LTI7020 is priced at less than $72 each/10,000.


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