Second-Gen Car-to-X Transceiver Supports Global Standards

Second-Gen Car-to-X Transceiver Supports Global Standards

NXP’s TEF510x dual radio multi-band RF transceiver, targeting Car-to-X (C2X) applications, delivers 802.11p modem functionality on one chip. Representing the second product from the company’s RoadLINK range, the device supports global C2X and Wi-Fi standards, as well as various antenna configurations and diversity schemes.

Specifically, the TEF510x RF transceiver meets Japanese 760Mz C2X requirements, US and European (5.9 GHz) standards, as well as Wi-Fi and DSRC (5.8GHz) specifications. When combined with the NXP/Cohda Wireless SAF510x baseband processor, which is powered by software-defined-radio technology, the RoadLINK chip provides fast, accurate, and reliable communication to and from the vehicle.

In addition, the TEF510x and SAF510x tandem promises enhanced 802.11p reception and communication range for mobility use cases even in non-line-of-sight conditions. AEC-Q100 qualification is scheduled for 2015.


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