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Security System Protects Company Data On USB Flash Drives

Businesses concerned about the security of enterprise information stored on USB flash drives (UFDs) can turn to TrustWatch, an integrated suite of applications that protect data stored on off-the-shelf UFDs from unauthorized access. TrustWatch is built around a secure network appliance and a management console, through which an IT administrator can configure and deploy secured UFDs from SanDisk's line of standard drives. In addition to securely storing work-related information, the centrally managed UFDs support remote access to e-mail and other applications. On the road, employees can use a TrustWatch device on a borrowed PC without leaving any trace of activity on that PC. If lost or stolen, the UFDs' data can be remotely destroyed.

In addition to data encryption, stealth Web browsing, and Microsoft Outlook file synchronization, TrustWatch includes RSA SecurID dual-factor authentication technology from RSA, the Security Division of EMC. SecurID enables the UFDs to be used as authenticators. In this two-factor authentication system, users must have both a password and the UFD itself to access data and applications stored within the corporate network.

TrustWatch was co-developed with RedCannon Security Inc., a provider of centrally managed, secure mobile-access solutions for the enterprise. Two other partners contributed to the TrustWatch suite: SecureWave and Safend Ltd., who are both providing endpoint information leakage protection.


TrustWatch and mTrust are available now.


Contact the company for pricing information.


Visit www.sandisk.com/trustwatch.

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