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Serial Comm Chips Network Motion Control

The company's two new serial communication chips, the G8014C and G8015, are specifically designed for motion control network applications. The G8014C is a high-speed, high-performance serial communication interface LS I device designed to minimize wiring. Parallel signals into the chip can be transmitted serially to another G8014C. The device has 16 inner ports and handles a maximum of 128 points of input and output signal controls with a single line between the two chips. Features include a transmission speed of 20 Mb/s, a transmission delay of 1 ms, an operating temperature range of 0°C to 70°C, and an error-detection function. The G-8015 is a high speed, pulse-generating motion control LS I device that has a constant speed profile, trapazoidal profit, S-curve acceleration/deceleration, programmable positioning, and home positioning. In conjunction with the G8014C, up to 16 axes can be controlled.


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