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SFP MSA Coax Transceiver Cuts Costs In Sonet/SDH Systems

A new small-form-factor pluggable (SFP) coax transceiver from ITT Industries, Cannon, conforms to standard multisource agreements (MSAs). This unit features the same size and layout of similar optical modules.

Designated the SFP-155E, this transceiver uses 75-V coax cable with DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors (see the figure). It conforms to the synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) STM-1 standard (similar to Sonet OC-3), which delivers a data rate of 155 Mbits/s on coax up to 100 meters long. Additionally, the module fully complies with ITU-T G.703 (ES1) recommendations. It's designed to meet ITU-T G.825 jitter specifications as well.

The SFP-155E is well-suited for next-generation synchronous-digital-hierarchy (SDH) add/drop multiplexers, optical edge devices, message switch peripheral processors (MSPPs), and switching systems. Using coax instead of optical fiber reduces costs dramatically in these applications. Also, the module can supplement optical modules to build a single card that supports both optical and coaxial STM-1 applications.

The hot-pluggable SFP-155E uses a single 3.3-V power supply and consumes a maximum of 750 mW. For pricing, contact ITT directly.

ITT Industries, Cannon

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