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Shark Fin-Style Modular Antenna Suits Automotive Applications

Targeted at automotive applications, a new “Shark Fin” style modular antenna assembly allows simultaneous functionality of four frequency bands in one compact package The patented antenna offers high-performance SDARS, GPS, AMPS, and PCS antenna coverage in one assembly.

The modular antenna is a two-part assembly. The base antenna is installed on the car in the factory and houses both the SDARS and GPS patch antenna elements, including the electronics’ multiple low-noise amplifier (LNA) stages. It has a 16-mm low-profile design and fits multiple vehicle platforms with various roof curvatures. The second part of the assembly, the Shark Fin style antenna radome, has an approximate height of 65 mm and houses a combined AMPS and PCS antenna element.

The Shark Fin antenna is installed onto the base module once the vehicle has reached its final destination. Mating of the base module and Shark Fin is done through a micro-latching mechanism, allowing the antenna to fit multiple car curvatures with only one base module. The module features a zero-gap design after it is mated with the base module on the vehicle roof.

These antennas are used in some 2009 model year automobiles and are adaptable for other vehicle platforms.

Laird Technologies Inc.


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