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SiConnect’s Power-Line Transceiver Boosts Home Network Performance

Providing a 16-level, managed quality of service and complying with global EMC regulations, the PLT050 digital power-line transceiver aims to enhance the performance of a wide range of home-networking applications. The chip supports ADSL speeds and delivers a throughput of 14 Mb/s. It supports standard-definition TV in triple-play applications, home theatre, and uncompressed audio distribution, plus VoIP and PC networking. Microcontroller based, the PLT050 employs the company’s proprietary POEM technology to deliver digital modem, baseband, and control functions. The technology supports the use of a synchronous multiple-access/contention-resolution protocol and a 16 service level QoS management technique to guarantee fair and prioritized distribution of competing data streams. Other transceiver features include three configurable GPIO pins. Available in an 80-pin LQFP, price is $5 each/10,000. SICONNECT LTD., Swindon, UK. +44 (0) 1793 422 300.


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