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Signal Source Delivers Strong Price/Performance

The first 20-MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator with variable-edge pulses and pulse-width modulation (PWM)—at a cost of $1850—comes by way of Agilent Technologies. The 33220A's pulse and PWM capability, combined with its 50-Msample/s, 14-bit 64-kpoint arbitrary waveform capability, gives engineers in electronics, automotive, aerospace, government, medical, and computer industries new highs in performance for design, verification, and testing. It's the first Agilent instrument with both USB and Ethernet I/Os. It also provides a GPIB interface.

The 33220A is easy to use, with its new level of menu-driven front-panel and remote-access controls (see the figure). The generator employs direct digital synthesis to create stable, accurate, and clean output signals with low distortion of −70 dBc. Sine, square, triangular, pulse, noise, and dc outputs are possible with variable edge-time selection on pulses. Modulation modes include AM, FM, phase modulation, frequency-shift keying, and PWM. Other features include linear and logarithmic sweeps, burst-mode operations, and an optional 10-MHz external timebase for multiple channels. Its output ranges from 10 mV to 10 V p-p.

Both the 33220A and an optional Opt-00 $450 external timebase reference are available now.

Agilent Technologies Inc.
(800) 452-4844

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