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Single-Chip Bluetooth Solution Limits External Component Count

Offered as a single-chip solution to lower parts counts in Bluetooth systems, the STw2400 Blue Velvet Bluetooth IC is fully compliant with Bluetooth specification 1.0b. The device operates from a single clock and contains all the necessary RF and Baseband functions to handle Bluetooth Class II devices with a minimum number of external components. Associated with an external RF power amplifier, the Bluetooth chip allows Class I device implementation.
RF transceiver functions include: an advanced architecture with minimal external components; built-in auto-tuned channel filter; fully integrated VCO with tank; -85 dBm sensitivity at antenna; +4 dBm maximum output power; 24 dB transmit power control range; 32 dB RSSI range; integrated 3.2 kHz LPO; and high-quality radio link for three-and five-slot data modes.
Baseband functions on the IC include: a Bluetooth baseband core from Ericsson; an ARM7TDMI microcontroller; USB slave controller; supplementary USB signals for wake-up and detach control; two 450-compatible UARTs with a 128-byte FIFO; timers and a watchdog timer; I2C master interface; and two external interrupts.


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