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Single Chip Handles Device Networking Assignments

All of the hardware and software components needed to implement embedded Device Networking apps, such as factory floor equipment, automobiles and medical equipment, are said to be found in the DSTni-LX. This complete communications device features a Turbo 186-compatible µP operating at 48 MHz and packing 256 KB of on-chip RAM plus all of the functions necessary to support the most popular embedded networks. The DSTni-LX (Device Server Technology Network Interface-LX) also includes an Ethernet MAC and a suite of on-chip peripherals, with the device useable as a processor in a basic system or as a network coprocessor in more complex applications. It also allows interfaces such as two high-speed async serial ports, dual CAN 2.0B channels, or an optional Profibus controller to be integrated into the design. The IC comes in 160-lead LQFP packages costing from $20-$30 each, depending on quantity. For more details, call Michael Troncale at LANTRONIX INC., Irvine, CA. (949) 450-7244.


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