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Single-Chip RF Transmitter Continually Tunes Antenna

The MICRF102 QwikRadio transmitter is a single-chip, ASK RF transmitter IC with the unique ability to automatically and continually tune itself to the antenna. Highly integrated in SOIC-8 packaging, the chip requires only five external components and operates on a 5V power supply, consuming 7.5 mA (mark) and 4 mA (space) of supply current.
The device also provides a power control function that ensures consistent output power across varying operating conditions and over the lifetime of a battery. Included within the power control function is the ability to set the transmit power by controlling the voltage on a power control pin. Other features include a transmit frequency of 300 to 470 MHz, a maximum data rate of 20 kb/s, and a shutdown pin to further conserve power. Pricing is $1.40 each/1,000.


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