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Single-Component DAA Facilitates Line Sharing

The XE014JS is claimed as the first complete, single-component data access arrangement (DAA) module designed for equipment that shares a voice telephone line. The device constantly monitors the status of the phone line to prevent equipment communications from interfering with users' voice communication. This feature is critical in making products such as set-top boxes, remote-read utility meters, fax machines and home medical monitors safe and unobtrusive in homes or offices.The device adds a loop voltage monitor to the firm's standard DAA circuits. The line transformer, ring detector, loop current holding circuit and hook switch perform the same function as in any standard DAA. The loop voltage monitor is what tailors the XE014JS device for secondary access to the shared line. Prototype quantities can be ordered directly from the firm's website.

Company: XECOM INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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