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SLICs Boast Of Differential Codec Interface

Targeted for use in VoIP cable modems, ADSL modems, and set-top boxes and compatible with Broadcom's VoIP chips and reference designs, the Ringing FlexiSLIC PBL38780/1 is the first member of a family of SLICs with a differential codec interface. Designed to cut component count, complexity and overall system cost, the 90V bipolar PBL38780/1 chip uses a differential interface to the Broadcom VoIP chips to provide high noise immunity and signal-level compatibility with 3.3V codecs. And on-chip ring generation eliminates the need for a ring relay and high voltage ring generator. The device has balanced 4-wire interface circuits and also helps enable 2-to-4 and 4-to-2 wire voice frequency signal conversion. In addition, line terminating impedance and balance impedance are software programmable to meet the demands of various applications and international standards. The Ringing FlexiSLIC also integrates on-chip automatic gain control (AGC) for ring leveling, on-hook transmission, pulse metering, automatic switching between on-hook/ringing battery and off-hook battery, eliminating the need for firmware control. The new SLIC comes in 44-pin QSOPs priced at $3.86 each/5K. ERICSSON MICROELECTRONICS, Richardson, TX. (877) 374-2642.


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