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Small-Form Optical Transceivers Aim At ATM OC-48 Applications

Targeting ATM OC-48 systems, the SFF OC-48 line of optical transceivers has a small form factor and is capable of achieving data rates of up to 2.488 Gb/s. The devices are available in four different versions: one for 850-nm multi-mode applications, and three for 1,300-nm single-mode applications.
The 850-nm transceiver uses a low-cost VCSEL and the 1,300-nm versions are rated at maximum transmission distances of 2 km, 10 km or 20 km. All versions feature TTL signal detect output and transmitter disable input.
Operation is from a single 3.3V supply, with the optical transceivers also meeting all applicable safety specs. Depending on model, pricing is less than $500 each in production quantities.

Company: STRATOS LIGHTWAVE LLC - Optoelectronic Products

Product URL: Click here for more information

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