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Smart Transceivers Raise The Bar For Device Networking

Integrating a Neuron Chip core with the company's free topology, twisted-pair transceiver, the FT 3120 and FT 3150 smart transceivers allow users to add LonWorks control networking technology to everyday devices. Both devices meet ANSI 709.1 -1999 and 709.3-1999 standards.
The FT 3120 combines the Neuron core, 4 KB of flash memory for application code, 2 KB of RAM for buffering network data and network variables, 12 KB of ROM, and an ANSI/EIA 709.3-1999-compliant free topology transceiver. The device operates at up to 40 MHz and is available both in a 32-lead SOIC package and a 44-lead TQFP.
The FT 3150 combines the Neuron core, an external memory bus that addresses up to 58 KB of external memory, and an enhanced free topology transceiver. Suitable for use in devices with larger application programs or more I/O, this device operates at up to 20 MHz and is available in a 64-lead TQFP.
Both devices operate on 5V and in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C. They are intended for use with the company's compact, external transformer with a patent-pending architecture, said to improve immunity to magnetic interference and high-frequency common-mode noise.
With volume production scheduled for April 2001, the FT 3120 and FT 3150 will be priced at less than $7 and $7.50, respectively.


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