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SOC Bridges Traffic From Copper To Fiber

All the framing, mapping and multiplexing functions required to move voice and data traffic between copper-based communications network access facilities, such as T1/E1 lines, access multiplexers or routers, and fiber-based access and transport facilities, such as DS3 and SONET/SDH systems, are provided by the TMXF28155 Super Mapper IC. The system-on-a-chip device aggregates traffic in various protocols from several different types of network edge facilities for transport over high-bandwidth fiber-optic facilities.The chip interfaces with T1, E1 and J1 lines, DSLAMs, routers, cross-connects, add/drop multiplexers and terminal multiplexers, and frame relay and ATM WAN access cards. In the past, communication system OEMs designed separate framing, mapping and multiplexing circuitry for all of these different types of edge facilities or applications. A single Super Mapper IC can replace eight or more separate ICs, reducing system costs by up to 80%. The device is packaged in a 456-ball BGA.

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