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SOC With Ethernet, ATM Interfaces Saves Space, Power

Said to be the industry's first system-on-a-chip (SOC) with Ethernet and ATM interfaces and to replace more than 20 components, the MTN3000 Series Access Processor for voice-over-packet and multi-service gateways can pack on-chip a total of up to 384 ports, with each port dissipating just 10 mW. And with its software-downloadable architecture supporting open standards, the processor can deliver a return on past equipment investments, as well as accommodating future developments.
The access processor also provides glueless interfaces for ATM UTOPIA level 2, Ethernet MII, and H.110 TDM physical layer devices. And it supports a variety of voice, fax and data services, including: G.711, G.726 ADPCM, G.729A and G.723.1 voice coding and decoding; G.165 and G.168 echo cancellation; VoIP and VoATM packet processing; fax relay; and wireless packet processing. Fully scaleable, the MTN3000 processor comes in a 27 x 27 mm BGA package costing about $350 each in OEM quantities.


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