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SoCs Deliver Feature Rich ADSL2plus Implementations

Supporting all recent amendments to ADSL2plus standards, the CX95516 and CX95524 system-on-chip (SoC) devices integrate forward-looking features for next-gen ADSL standards. These features promise to improve the delivery of triple-play services such as Internet protocol-based television, video on demand, and high-definition television. They include additional memory for enhanced impulse noise protection, dual-latency with dual-interleaving, dynamic spectrum management levels 1 and 2, mask-on-demand that improves performance in medium- and long-range loops, and remedyDSL, a loop diagnostic capability that helps users pre-qualify, diagnose, and maintain loops. Also, both SoCs can be used with the Columbia family of DSL access multiplexer processors for CO digital loop carriers, optical network units, and multiple dwelling/tenant unit applications. Available now in sample quantities with production scheduled for early 2007, prices for the CX95516 and CX95524 chipsets are $120 and $180 each in volume, respectively. CONEXANT SYSTEMS INC., Newport Beach, CA. (888) 855-4562.


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