Wireless Systems Design

Solution Enables Broadband Service

Next-generation wireless networks are now better enabled, thanks to an Ethernet product line known as AirPair. Hailing from a Canadian company, this line of products boasts high performance and reliability, as well as ease of installation and management. As an added benefit, the AirPair solution works to effectively keep operational costs as low as possible.

The AirPair product operates within the licensed radio frequencies' 18-to-38-GHz range, thereby ensuring interference-free performance for potential customers' Internet Protocol (IP) traffic. It provides wirespeed that equates to 50- and 100-Mbps connectivity in the millimeter-wave bands and 802.1q Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) support.

With its ease of installation and management, customers can configure, calibrate, and align AirPair with a personal digital assistant (PDA). The solution can also be managed remotely from its network operations center via the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

As proof of the viability of Airpair, DragonWave points to its latest customer—Navigata. Using the AirPair product to deliver broadband wireless service, Navigata is uniquely positioned to take advantage of both existing and new revenue. In fact, it has been able to roll out fiber-extension capabilities over the air in a manner that offers reliable, high-speed data networking and Internet access to customers in locations where other access options were unavailable or uneconomical. The company is also using the AirPair solution to extend wireless backup to customers seeking multiple forms of network redundancy for mission-critical data.

The AirPair line is available. Contact the company for pricing information.

411 Legget Dr., Suite 600, Kanata, Ontario Canada K2K 3C9; (613) 599-9991, FAX: (613) 599-4225, www.dragonwaveinc.com.

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