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Subscriber Line Interface Circuits Have Low Power Dissipation

The PBL 38614/1 and PBL 38615/1 are a pair of subscriber line interface circuits (SLICs) in the compact SSOP package. They combine a battery switch with the low power dissipation common across the company's FlexiSLIC range. The devices offer a high degree of flexibility in short line applications such as NT1+, terminal adaptors, digital added main line and cable modems. These applications are often remotely powered, with limited available power, so both ICs are specifically designed to meet such requirements. Reducing the need for external components or control functions and simplifying overall circuit design, each device's integrated battery switch automatically senses loop current and switches between the on-hook and off-hook battery in response. The maximum current consumption from the on-hook battery is 6 mA. On-hook power dissipation is only 37 mW in the active state. The PBL 38614/1 has a basic set of features, while the PBL 38615/1 adds polarity reversal and operates over an extended industrial temperature range.

Company: ERICSSON INC. - Microelectronics

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