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Sun Microsystems Tapped For AT&T's IP Video Service

AT&T selected Sun Microsystems servers and modular arrays to help deliver its IP-based video service, AT&T U-verse TV. Sun’s Fire X4600 servers will help deliver video to customers of AT&T U-verse TV, which offers 320 linear channels and more than 26 HD channels. AT&T will also use Sun StorageTek storage arrays to provide access to the U-verse TV Video-on-Demand library. The servers and arrays will be rolled out in new deployments of IP-video super hub offices and IP-video hub offices in the AT&T U-verse network. The complete solution from Sun will also include Sun Fire X4500 servers, which combine the performance of a four-way Sun x64 server and the highest storage density available, with high-data throughput for about half the cost of traditional solutions. AT&T U-verse services are available in parts of 23 markets across eight states.

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