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Switch Fabric Chipset Supports High Port And Switching Capacity

Representing the first products to go commercial from the company's expanded R&D program to develop scalable switch fabric ICs for core, access, optical and enterprise networks, the CrossStream chipset is optimized for use in both distributed-controlled packet-based and centrally-controlled cell-based switching systems. The two-chip set consists of the VSC870, a scalable, synchronous serial transceiver, and the VSC880, a 16 x 16 serial crosspoint switch. Together, the transceiver and switch support switch fabric architectures that can deliver up to 16 OC-48 ports and 64 Gb/s of switching capacity in a fully redundant configuration.
Manufactured using a CMOS process, the chipset features: high bandwidth (2,125 Gb/s) serial links that minimize backplane complexity; support of word synchronous backplanes, eliminating lock time after switch reconfigurations; a configurable design that permits self-routing of variable length packets or centrally-controlled switching of fixed length cells; a packet mode that supports virtual output queues to maximize backplane utilization, as well as supporting multicast with auto recast; and redundant serial I/O in the transceiver for supporting a redundant switch card. The set also offers fault isolation and hot-swap capabilities. And interoperabilty between fabric products is made easier via use of standard interfaces and serial link signaling.
The new switch fabric ICs operate from 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V supplies, with the VSC870 dissipating 5.5W and the VSC882, 8W. Currently sampling, the VSC870 transceiver in a 192-lead BGA package is priced at $79 each/1,000, while the VSC882 switch in a 304-lead BGA package costs $145 each/1,000.


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