Electronic Design

Tailyn Picks Ikanos Chipset For Broadband Products

Ikanos Communications’ multi-mode central office VDSL2 chipset, the Fx(TM)100100-5, was selected by Tailyn Communications for use in broadband products for the access, hospitality and enterprise markets. Ikanos' Fx100100-5 VDSL2 chipset is the first in the industry to be optimized for IPTV delivery. The chipset offers consumers triple-play experiences via features like integrated QoS and enhanced impulse noise protection schemes. The fifth-generation chipset is designed to provide the highest throughput and density with the lowest per port power consumption, enabling high-density systems that reduce carriers' capital and operating expenditures. The multi-mode chipset also is backward-compatible with deployed modems, making for smooth upgrades. "Ikanos' products enable carriers to offer revenue-generating IPTV and triple play services over copper infrastructure, while maximizing the utilization of their core optical networks,” Piyush Sevalia, vice president of marketing for Ikanos' Access Products Group, said in a statement.

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