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TDM Switches Provide 128 I/O Streams At 64 Mb/s

Reporting the industry's largest feature set and highest density—128 input and 128 output streams with data rates up to 64 Mb/s—the ZLxxx family of 32-K TDM/TSI switches target next-generation converged and wireless networking equipment. One of the four member family integrates per channel A-Law/µ-Law conversion circuitry to eliminate external FPGAs or glue logic to convert between voice standards. Each device includes BERT circuits with receivers and transmitters that conform to the ITU-T 0.151 standard and three clock inputs that accept selectable frequencies of 8, 16, 32, or 64 MHz. The family consists of three 32,768-channel devices and one 24,576-channel device. The ZL50073 and ZL50074 switches offer 128 input and 128 output streams. The 32-K ZL50075 switch has 64 input and 64 output streams with integrated BERT and the 24-K ZL50070 has 96 input and 96 output streams. Available in BGA packages, prices range from $70 to $170 each/1,000. ZARLINK SEMICONDUCTOR, Ottawa, Canada. (613) 592-0200.


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