Electronic Design

Telephone/Telecom Test Kit Offers Cords For All Situations

Whenever testing a telecommunications system, the right cord never seems to be at hand. To alleviate that problem, a new test kit provides a selection of 13 test lead cords for all standard telephone systems, data- and voice-transmission test sets, and wideband circuit path/interconnect devices (including T1/DS1). The connector interfaces include miniature, three-conductor, nickel phone plugs (Bantam plug), PJ-051 nickel phone plugs (WE310), piercing alligator clips (tip, ring, sleeve), RJ-48 plugs with molded grip, and DB-15 connectors with metal hoods and long thumbscrews. Delivered in a case that includes compartments for cables and manuals, the kit sells for $650. Custom-designed test leads are optionally available.

Electro Standards Laboratories Inc.

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