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Time Slot Interchangers Offer Higher Capacities

For applications such as metropolitan access switches and carrier-class VoIP, the Excerra-8, -16 and -144 time-slot interchanger devices promise up to 36 times more traffic-switching capability than the company's largest TSI device. All three devices are 64 kb/s per channel cross connects and switch traffic via full-duplex, serial TDM highway interfaces. They feature independent-programmable concentration highway interface (CHI) data rates from 2.048 Mb/s, or 32 time slots, to 16.384 Mb/s, or 256 time slots. The Ecerra-144 also includes serial links operating at 622.08 Mb/s. Prices for the Excerra-8, -16 and -144 are $76, $95 and $195, respectively, each/5,000. AGERE SYSTEMS, Allentown, PA. (800) 553-2447.


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