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Tiny GEN 2 UHF Tag Eyes RFID Apps

Tiny GEN 2 UHF Tag Eyes RFID Apps

Allegedly the world's smallest UHF Gen 2 antenna-less tag, the MAGICSTRAP LXMS series comes in two versions measuring 3.2 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.55 mm and 1.6 mm x 1 mm x 0.27 mm. The component is said to be 50 times smaller than the UHF Gen 2 near-field tags currently available on the market because no antenna is necessary. Read range is typically between 3 mm to 7 mm.  Other features include a fast read speed, the allowance for password protected stored information, and the ability to integrate into most devices with minimal detection. The series is also resistant to extreme environmental conditions. MURATA ELECTRONICS NORTH AMERICA INC., Smyrna, GA. (770) 436-1300.


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