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Tiny GPS Receiver Module Measures 15 By 15 mm

Wi2Wi is claiming it has industry's smallest fully-integrated global positioning system (GPS) receiver module. Measuring just 15 mm by 15 mm, the W2SG0001 device incorporates SiRF Technology's SiRFSTAR III GPS-enabled location technology.

The W2SG0001 SMD module is a complete 20-channel L1 GPS receiver. It includes all radio components, clocking, and voltage regulation for a complete GPS receiver subsystem. Integration of the W2SG0001 requires connecting the module to a product's interfaces, antenna port, and single 3.3-Vdc power supply. It offers a UART interface and a Solder Down connection with an external connector for use with either an active or passive antenna. All necessary firmware and drivers are included.

Based upon SiRFSTAR III technology, the small, compact, low power design of our receiver is targeted for the developers of portable electronics such as MP3/MP4 players, PDAs, and smart phones. The W2SG0001 has excellent sensitivity, which is a necessity in urban canyons and with handheld devices that may not always be in open air. The W2SG0001 features a very small footprint and provides the interfaces commonly required by handheld/portable devices.

The W2SGW0001 is available now as development kit and sample packs. Volume production is scheduled for this fall.

Wi2Wi Inc.

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