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Tiny, Low-Voltage Power FETs' 4V Gate Drive Voltage Guaranteed

Rated at 30V and 8A, 10A, 12A and 14A, the FY8AAJ-03F, FY10AAJ-03F, FY12AAJ-03F and FY14AAJ-03F power MOSFETs have a guaranteed gate drive voltage of 4V. Housed in a SOP-8 package, the low-voltage power FETs are well-suited for use in equipment where smaller and thinner packages are a must. The device's sub-micron trench structure realizes low on-state resistance and high-speed switching. For example, FY14AAJ-03F boasts of an on-state resistance of 6 milliohms (typ.; VGS = 10V) and a fall time of 22 ns (typ.), which can make portable equipment smaller and lighter with less heat generation and a longer battery life. In addition, a zener diode is incorporated in gate-to-source to improve electrostatic discharge withstand capability. FY10AAJ-03F is available in sample quantities at $0.72 each and FY14AAJ-03F costs $1.15.


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