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Tiny SMT Directional Couplers Meet High-Performance Standards

A selection of coupling values from 6 to 16 dB is provided in the GLSN series of surface-mount directional couplers to be used for RF circuitry, mobile radio and satellite TV technologies. Measuring just 5.7 x 5.7 x 4.0 mm, the compact design uses a dual ferrite core on a ceramic base. The couplers are suitable for automatic insertion into circuits assembled using reflow or vapor phase soldering. Soldering heat resistance is 230°C for 5 s.
Model number GGLSN16D152 is a 16 dB coupler with a maximum loss at 20 MHz of 0.6 dB, and 3 dB band limits of 0.5 to 1500 MHz. Production pricing is $0.99 each.


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TAGS: Mobile
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