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Tiny Transponder Boasts Of Contactless Reading & Writing

Representing a complete programmable read/write transponder that implements all of the important functions needed by ID systems, the TK5552 module includes the firm's e5552 R/W IDIC chip, a 992-bit EEPROM user-programmable in 31 blocks x 32 bits, a built-in coil and capacitor for the circuit antenna, and an inductive coupled power supply-- the transponder receives its power from the RF field generated by the read/write base station.
Designed to allow contactless reading (uplink) and writing (downlink) of data transmitted bidirectionally between transponder and basestation, the TK5552 module operates using Manchester-coded data based on amplitude modulation. The device comes in a 12 x 6 x 3 mm plastic package and costs $1.35 each/10K.


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