Toothpick Transceiver Plans To Dislodge Other Solutions

The Toothpick 2.0 transceiver combines a PIC microcontroller and LinkMatik (Bluetooth 2.0) radio, which is preloaded with Toothpick Services firmware, offering a FlexiPanel user interface server, wireless field programming, and Toothpick Slave for optional external host control.

Pre-tested firmware solutions for the RF Solutions' Toothpick module enable immediate standalone operation, providing for a low-cost and simplified solution. Solutions include DARC-I Data acquisition and remote control managed via Bluetooth and DARC-II Data acquisition and remote control with the FlexiPanel User Interface. There's also the Toothpick Slave, in which the Toothpick is controlled by a host processor via a serial link; and Standalone Toothpick programmable in C for low-cost, customised standalone operation.

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