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Toshiba, iRiver License SPIRIT Voice And Audio Software

Toshiba Corp. and Reigncom (iRiver) announced at Mobile World Congress that the companies have licensed voice and audio software from SPIRIT. Reigncom licensed TeamSpirit 3.0 Voice Engine Mobile for voice quality in the new iRiver W10 VoIP-enabled portable media player (PMP), while Toshiba picked up SPIRIT's audio software for evaluating its next-generation semiconductor designs. TeamSpirit 3.0 Voice Engine Mobile is part of TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile, which is a complete solution that delivers rich voice and video experience for mobile OEMs. It is specifically designed for next-generation mobile devices like dual mode phones (cellular and Wi-Fi), Wi-Fi phones, videophones, and 3G mobile phones. iRiver's portable media player, the W10, delivers high-quality voice-over-IP, MPEG-4 and WMV video streaming, and MP3, WMA and AAC audio playback. It also includes a built-in FM tuner and a Wi-Fi Positioning System. "By marrying a VoIP phone with a multimedia player and navigator, iRiver keeps pace with the newest market trends and strong subscriber demands born when Apple added GSM functionality to the iPod," Alex Kravchenko, vice president of sales for SPIRIT, said in a statement. For Toshiba, SPIRIT's software will optimize the company's hardware platforms. "Optimized hardware is only as optimized as the software that runs on it," Nobu Matsumoto, senior manager of the Software Design Platform Department at the Center for Semiconductor R&D at Toshiba, said in a statement. "In order to evaluate newly developed hardware, we were looking for high-performance audio software which has been already proven in practical use. The speed of the audio software, offered by SPIRIT, meets our requirements." SPIRIT's voice and video engines span all communication devices and all market segments, including mobile OEMs/ODMs, semiconductor vendors, VoIP service providers, software vendors, online gaming and social networking.

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