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Transceiver Assumes Unique Position

The DS26502 is reportedly the market's first 64 kHz composite-clock transceiver. The device is a building-integrated, timing-supply (BITS) clock-recovery element that supports standard frequencies: 64 kHz timing interface, 2,048 kHz, and 6,312 kHz (Japanese) synchronization interfaces, and the standard T1/E1/J1 interfaces. Basic framing and formatting are also provided in the T1/E1/J1 operating modes. The device translates from any supported inbound synchronization clock rates to any supported outbound rate and no external component changes are required to switch between any of the synchronization clock rates or the T1, E1, and J1 standards. Additionally, no relays or switched external components are required, and one master clock supports all operating modes. A second transceiver, the DS26503, supports all the features of the DS26502 with the exception of 64 kHz composite-clock functionality. Available in 64-pin LQFPs, prices for the DS26502 and DS26503 start at $16.85 and $11.89 each/5,000, respectively. DALLAS SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Dallas, TX. (800) 998-8800.


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