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Transceiver Chips Integrate Home Networking Alliance Components

Designed for Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA), the 78Q2131 and 78Q2132 ICs integrated all of the HomePNA analog functions, including transmitter, receiver, band gap, and bandpass filters. These dual-speed transceivers interface to a 1-Mb/s Home LAN and a 10Base-T network.
The 78Q2131 1M8 transceiver is for use in home networking products, while 78Q2132, with its additional 10Base-T functionality, extends Ethernet over POTS. The devices's receivers have an adaptive equalizer and a base-line restoration circuit for accurately recovering clock and data. The MII and GPSI interfaces can also be integrated with external MAC controllers; no external filters are required. In a TQFP or VTQFP, the 78Q2131 and 78Q2132 cost $4.45 and $4.70, respectively.


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