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Transceiver Conforms ToHi-Speed USB 2.0 Standard

Built to meet Hi-Speed USB 2.0 specs, the GT3200 represents the first member of a family of high-performance analog physical layer (PHY) and high-speed serial datacomm ICs under development for use in networking, computing, consumer electronics, and embedded applications. The new chip, with its complete analog front-end interface, is designed to help OEMs deliver high-speed (480 Mbps) USB peripheral products to market faster. The UTMI-compliant GT3200 partitions digital and analog portions of systems based on the USB 2.0 Transceiver Macrocell Interface (UTMI) spec and is said to be compatible with controller cores from a number of suppliers. It is also a very efficient user of power, typically drawing a mere 60 mA under fully loaded conditions in high-speed mode. The IC requires only a single 12-MHz crystal to generate the on-chip reference clock, along with an additional external resistor. And it can be configured with either an 8- to 16-bit interface. Price of the 64-lead quad flatpacks is $3.49 each/10K. For more details, call Jim Meiss at GAIN TECHNOLOGY, Tucson, AZ. (480) 759-0200, ext. 102.


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