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Transceiver Module Extends Range Of Industrial And OEM Applications

This high speed, low power transceiver module provides OEMs with flexible wireless interconnectivity for a variety of devices and applications. Featuring an over-the-air data rate of 1.23 Mbps, the WIT2411 is especially appropriate when a cabled connection is not viable. Typical uses include factory automation, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, medical telemetry, mining vehicle control, and fleet management. The WIT2411 is FCC and ETSI approved to operate worldwide in the license-exempt 2.4 GHz industrial, scientific and medical band, and designs that incorporate it need not repeat type approval. Operating at 3.3V the module features a form factor less than 11 mm thick, RS-232 style serial interface, CMOS-level signals and software-selectable I/O data rates. Indoors, WIT2411 modules interconnect equipment over a range of 900 feet with a dipole antenna. Outdoors, the range extends to over 3,000 feet, or up to five miles with gain antennas. CIRRONET INC., Norcross, GA. (678) 684-2000.


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