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Transceiver Smokes On The Universal Serial Bus

A one-chip generic Universal Serial Bus (USB) transceiver, the USB1T11A is intended for use in implementing the USB in medium- to high-end products, such as printers, scanners, digital cameras and storage devices. The transceiver is USB 1.1-compliant at the physical level and protects the ASIC/controller from outside signals that could be damaging. The device allows 3.3V or 5V programming and standard logic interfaces with the physical layer of the USB. The transceiver supports full-speed, 12-Mb/s and low-speed, 1.5-Mb/s transmissions. The chip has digital inputs and outputs to transmit and receive USB cable data and is compatible with the VHDL Serial Interface Engine. Use of the Serial Interface Engine and USB1T11A lets designers engineer USB-compatible products using off-the-shelf logic that is easily modified and updated.


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