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Transceivers Are For Cell Phones, PDAs

A pair of ESD-protected RS-232 transceivers, MAX3386E/MAX3387E offer a VL pin that lets the device interoperate with various logic levels. Input and output logic levels are pin programmable through the VL pin to eliminate the need for level shifters in mixed-logic voltage systems. All RS-232 inputs and outputs are protected to ±15 kV using the IEC 1000-4-2 Air Gap Discharge Method, ±8 kV using the IEC 1000-4-2 Contact Discharge Method and ±15 kV using the Human Body Model. A proprietary low-dropout transmitter output stage enable true RS-232 performance over a 3V to 5.5V supply via a dual charge pump consuming only 1 mA supply current in shutdown mode. Each device handles 250 kbps data rate and the charge pump requires four small 0.1 mF capacitors. MAX3386E has two receivers and three transmitters, and the MAX3387E has three receivers and three transmitters.


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