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Translator Family Creates ECL-To-LVDS Bridges

The companyÕs line of timing and logic products now includes a family of translators for use in bridging devices with ECL I/O to LVDS I/O used in todayÕs CMOS ICs. Supporting OC-3 to OC-192 systems, the VSC6431/32/33/34 translators employ both -2V and +3.3V supplies, allowing DC coupling to both the negative supply-based ECL logic as well as the positive supply LVDS. The VSC6431 and VSC6433 have LVDS inputs and ECL outputs, 17 data and one clock channels, and operate from dc to 333 Mb/s and 333 MHz and from dc to 680 Mb/s and 680 MHz, respectively. The VSC6432 and VSC6434 have ECL inputs and LVDS outputs, and 20 data and four clock channels. Packaged in thermally-enhanced 128-lead PQFPs, the four translators dissipate from 1.1W to 2.5W and cost $32 or $65 each/ 10,000, depending on device. VITESSE SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Camarillo, CA.(800) 848-3773.


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