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Transmitter And Receiver Get FCC Nod Of Approval

New to the North American market, the 70 Series single-channel, wireless transmitter and receiver modules are now FCC certified. The 70TX1 transmitter has been approved for use in FCC Rule Parts 22, 74, 90 and 95; the 70RX1 receiver has received Part 15 approval as well. Additionally, both modules are CE certified. Available as separate transmitters or receivers or combined as a transceiver, the modules operate in the 420 MHz to 510 MHz frequency band for applicable licensed and license-free applications and offer 12.5 kHz or 25 kHz channel spacings. Weighing less than 0.5 oz. and occupying 0.5 cubic in., the transmitter provides 10 mW of power. The receiver features dual conversion and a sensitivity of -120 dB or better. Operating from an unregulated supply from 4.8V to 8V, the modules are housed in a metal case with SMD construction. Transmitter/receiver pairs and transceiver modules are priced under $150 each in small quantities. HM RADIO TECHNOLOGY, Atlanta, GA. (678) 530-0252.


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