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Transmitter/Receiver Family Has 3V Members

Manufacturers of PCs and PC peripherals, as well as portable, battery-operated products that need increased datacomm speeds and low operational supply current drain will benefit from a line of low-voltage RS-232 transmitter/receivers. The ICL3207-to-ICL3245 family of devices delivers a comprehensive array of transmitter/receiver interface circuits suitable for portable, battery-operated applications. The first two devices to be released in the series--the ICL3241 and ICL3243--feature a redesigned transmitter circuit that converts TTL/CMOS signal levels to RS-232 levels at guaranteed minimum data rates of 250 kbps. This 3V family of ICs uses only 0.3V of supply current during normal operation. The manual and automatic power-down features increase battery life further by reducing standby supply current to a 1-µA trickle. The interface devices are available in SOIC, SSOP or TSSOP packages.


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