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Tuners for Mobile Digital TVs Tackle Interferences Problems

Microtune Inc. is attacking the difficult problem of interference disrupting the reception of real-time digital television by mobile TV phones with its Mobile MicroTuners and their ClearTune technology. The technology delivers clear, sharp, stable pictures to consumers, even across overpopulated, hostile airwaves, and reduces the threat of interference from the phone’s power amplifier. Attendees at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, next week will have the opportunity to challenge ClearTune’s performance. Microtune will emulate a DVB-H transmission environment and attendees can use their GSM phone to try to disrupt the TV signal of a ClearTune-based mobile TV phone.

Microtune mobile TV technology is available in standard-packaged chip form or as wafer-level chip-scale packages for integration into system-in-packages. The Mobile MicroTuner family features high integration, and it does not require bulky and costly external components, such as a low-noise amplifier and transformer. Additionally, by exceeding the Mobile and Portable DVB-T/H Radio Access Interface Specification, the rigorous series of performance tests that ensure conformance to the DVB-H standard, the tuners are engineered to deliver superior performance. Check out www.microtune.com.

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