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Universal Transponder Module Suits Industrial Tag Assemblies

Said to be well-suited for tag assembly like ISO cards or standard coins, the IDIC T5554 256-bit, read/write transponder based on the standard IDIC e5551 is designed for batteryless identification systems, drawing the required power from a 125-kHz RF electro magnetic field. An on-chip capacitor (70 pF or 200 pF) and bumped pads (25 µm Au) complete this device and, for tag assembly, only an external antenna has to be added. The device provides eight different data rates in a range from 1 kb to 7.8 kb to optimize the application according to distance and data transfer requirements. The multi-tag access function is based on a transponder-specific password request. Ten separate tags can be read out in less than 0.5s.Measuring 1.37 mm x 2.65 mm x 0.28 mm, the device can be inserted into plastic ISO cards or industrial coins. Pricing for the T5554 starts at $0.54 each/50,000.

Company: ATMEL CORP. - Wireless & Microcontrollers

Product URL: Click here for more information

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