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Up/Down Converters Have LNA, PA Drivers

Designed for use in RF front-ends in time-division-duplex (TDD) communications systems, MAX2410 and MAX2411A bipolar up/down converters are optimized for RF frequencies around 1.9 GHz. Applications include most cordless and PCS standards such as PWT1900/DCT1900, PHS and DECT. MAX2410 includes: a low-noise amplifier with 2.4 dB noise figure and -10 dBm input 3rd order intercept point (IIP3); a down converter mixer with a 9.8 dB noise figure and 3.3 dBm IIP3; an up converter mixer; a local-oscillator buffer; and a variable-gain power amplifier driver. The amplifier gain is adjustable via an applied analog voltage, with a typical maximum of 15 dB and a minimum of -20 dB. MAX2411A has the same functionality but with a bidirectional, differential IF port that can reduce cost and components count by letting the transmit and receiver paths share the same IF filter.


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